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Our eldest group of children will be ready to start their GCSEs in September 2020. We will offer seven core GCSEs through a combination of three days of learning with us plus home study over a two year programme.

We offer lots of flexibility; students can start their GCSE study when they're ready. They can start some subjects one year and others the next.

We hope to make GCSE learning as fruitful and enjoyable as possible for our children. We offer a range of core GCSES to give them as many options as possible for study and work in the future.

Democratic Choice

We can choose the exam board and course democratically. The children can choose which books to study for English literature and different options for History, eg Native Americans and Wild West.

We can study in a cross-disciplined way by choosing options in History and books in Literature that connect with each other.EG War poets and history of WW1.