Letter for Sponsors

Letter for Sponsors

Dear Reader,

We are within three months of launching a paradigm-changing secondary school in Hebden Bridge. The school offers the best in alternative and traditional education to create a unique stress-free educational environment where both students and teachers thrive. We have made enormous progress: assembling a great team of professionals, charitable status, beautiful premises and growing interest from local children and parents.

We can summarise the principles on which the school is based as follows:

However, we need Sponsors to provide bursaries for families who love our idea, who despair of their child thriving within state provision, but cannot afford the £8,000 annual fees that we are obliged to charge. We looked into the state-supported Free School model, but it requires a minimum of 120 students per year group, not just impractical for us but incompatible with our ‘human-scale’ principles.

In the Hebden Bridge area, interest in the education we are offering is widespread, but the enthusiasm is unfortunately not matched by the incomes able to afford it. We want to make our school as accessible as possible to people of all incomes with means tested bursaries. We are asking you to contribute towards our goal of funding 12 bursaries for every intake of 20, graded to suit different parental incomes, as follows:

4 bursaries of 33% = £2,660 per year x 3 = £10,660 p.a.

4 bursaries of 50% = £4,000 per year x 3 = £16,000 p.a.

4 bursaries of 90% = £7,200 per year x 6 = £28,800 p.a.

Any amount helps, but parents need to know they will have a five-year bursary in order to risk making the move. Can you donate £13,300 (for a 5-year 33% bursary at current rates) or £20,000 (50% bursary) or £36,000 (90%)?

This will enable us to guarantee the school’s viability for the first 5 years as we establish ourselves.

We understand that you will need to know more before you commit funds to our venture; to know that this is sensible, feasible and a serious professional venture. We would be delighted to talk further with you, in whatever format you suggest (meeting, Skype). In the meantime, you will find many answers to your questions on our website: https://hebdenbridgeschool.co.uk/faqs/

Please contact us, with whatever comment, question or further suggestion you may have. We welcome collective contributions from people with different expertise, skills that we do not have ourselves.

Yours sincerely

Anil Sarna, Lead teacher 0044 7580250409

Wendy Hollway, Chair of Trustees 0044 78 100 80073