Hebden Bridge School Philosophy

Our Philosophy

  • The school is run democratically with students and teachers making decisions together.
  • Yoga and meditation are integrated into the curriculum to support and develop mental, physical, and spiritual health; self-awareness and the capacity for learning.
  • Students relate their learning to the world outside the classroom, which includes preparing thoroughly for external exams to open doors to further education and work.
  • Students and staff develop their sense of purpose by serving their local and the wider global community.
  • Common sense is used to ensure the smooth running of the school, thus avoiding unnecessary or petty rules.
  • Classes have no more than 16 students.
  • The school is run sustainably, recycling and reducing waste, cultivating organic vegetables and working towards using renewable energy.
  • The natural world forms an extension of the classroom.
  • Staff and students share responsibility for the upkeep of the school environment.
  • A peaceful inclusive environment is created, where everybody may develop their uniqueness in an atmosphere of mutual respect.