Working with Home-Educators

Hebden Bridge School wishes to support families that have decided to offer alternative education to their children. We want to provide an educational centre for children to learn and meet other like-minded children. We understand a need for flexibility and we wish to embrace this. We have set aside one day in our timetable for home-educators to experience the unique education that we offer through small class-sizes, personalised teaching, yoga and meditation, cross-subject learning and a flexible approach to homework.

  • We will have a home-educators day once a week (twice if there is a demand for it).
    Children will be taught in one group of Key stage 3, of children aged between 10 and 13 on 31st August 2016.
  • All the topics studied will prepare students for GCSEs should they wish to do them.
  • The initial designated Home-educator day would be Mondays.
  • We want to allow the home-educators to have an utmost continuity between days. The days open to Home Educators are when we do the majority of our cross-subject learning. We will be teaching English, History, Geography, RE, Citizenship, Music and Drama and some Science through topics that interconnect learning and allow students to learn widely, deeply and creatively. These topics are studied over a half-term. An example of the first of these topics is below.
  • We will also offer tutoring on other days, which can be tailored to each child’s needs.
  • Children will be invited to an interview before joining the school. See link here:
  • Students can be set homework, this will be agreed previously between teachers, individual students and parents.
  • The fees for 2016-17. Children sign up for a minimum of one whole term with fees of:
    Winter term, 14 weeks: £770
    Spring term, 12 weeks: £660
    Summer term, 10 weeks: £550
    Fees can be paid in 10 monthly instalments of £198 per month.
  • Meals are available at a cost of £3 (subject to demand) per day, and need to be booked in advance.
  • School trips will be organised in connection with the curriculum and will be charged separately.
  • A school camp will be scheduled in July 2017 for those who wish to come along. It will be charged at cost for more information: