Taster Day, Sunday 24th January: Understanding the Floods.

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Taster Day, Sunday 24th January: Understanding the Floods.

What happened in our valley on Boxing day? What can be done to prevent it happening again? Our next open day is open to all children year 6s and year 5s. You do not have to join our school to come to the event. This will be a space for children to understand what has happened, express their feelings about it and see what can be learned.

We are at the Birchcliffe Centre, admission is free, just fill in registration form below. It is open to a maximum of 15 students. This is an opportunity to see how our unique school works integrating yoga and meditation into cross-subject learning. We will finish off with lunch and a discussion/feedback session involving children and parents. Parents are invited to observe.


10:15 am Arrival and welcomes.

10:30 am Start: Yoga and meditation

11:00 am What causes flooding? What happened here on Boxing day? What contributes to flash flooding and what helps to prevent it? Learning from nature. How is this connected to climate change?

11:45 am Break and snack

12:00 pm Seeing how flooding works with a real river; there is one running through our woodlands! Practical experiment on flooding. Putting ideas into practice.

1:15 pm   Expressing your feelings about the floods through painting or writing.

2:00 pm   Vegetarian lunch and feedback

To register fill in the fom below:



The taster days will begin at 10.30am and finish at 3:00pm running on the following days in 2016:

28th February

17th April

22nd May

26th June