Fees part-time students 2017-18

Fees part-time students 2017-18

The fees below are for one day per week.

Children are required to sign up for a minimum of one whole term.

Hebden Bridge School is a charity, which is not run for profit. We do not receive any funding from the government.  We  provide the best possible pricing to guarantee we have the highly-qualified teachers nec essary  to deliver our  unique holistic educational provision. It works out to just over  £7.00 per  hour of class time, and we set further study for students to do many more hours of work if they so wish.

  • Winter term, 14 weeks: £770
  • Spring term, 12 weeks: £715
  • Summer term, 10 weeks: £495
  • Fees can be paid in 10 monthly instalments of £198 per month.
  • Meals are available at a cost of £3 (subject to demand) per day.
  • Some school trips are organised to enhance learning and charged separately.
  • A school camp will be scheduled in July 2018 for those who wish to come along. It will be charged at cost for more information: http://hebdenbridgeschool.co.uk/the-school-camp/

    Children are required to sign up for a minimum of one whole term. 12 weeks of school notice is required if a student is to be withdrawn.

There is also a £100 returnable deposit payable on admission. This is held by Hebden Bridge School and returned once the child leaves the school. Deposits are payable after acceptance through an interview. If a deposit is not paid a place cannot be guaranteed.

Fees and extras are subject to annual review.