Fees for part-time learning 2017-18

Fees for part-time learning 2017-18

Hebden Bridge School is a charity, which is not run for profit. We do not receive any funding from the government. We  provide the best possible pricing to guarantee that we have the highly-qualified teachers necessary to deliver our unique, holistic, educational provision. For one day per week it works out at just over  £7.50 per hour of class time. We set further study for students to do many more hours of work if they so wish. For term dates click here, the fees are set out below.

The fees for one day per week.

  • Winter term, 15 weeks: £866.
  • Spring term, 12 weeks: £692
  • Summer term, 12 weeks: £692
  • Over the full year £2,250.
  • Fees can be paid in 10 monthly instalments of £225 per month.

Fees for modules.

  • KS 1 & 2 Reading and Writing: £30 a day
  • KS 3 Creative Writing & History: £30 a day
  • GCSE Spanish, Maths, and English Language: £30 a day.
  • GCSE Art: £40 a day including materials.
  • GCSE Science: £35 a day including experiments.

Spanish after-school club: £65 for 10 weeks or £5 per week after an initial £20 deposit.

Term Dates for 2017-18

  Autumn 2017 Spring 2018 Summer 2018
School re-opens Thursday 7 September Thursday 4 January Thursday 19 April
Half term starts Thursday 26 October Thursday 15 February Thursday 24 May
School re-opens Thursday 9 November Thursday 1 March Thursday 7 June
End of term Thursday 21 December Thursday 29 March Thursday 12 July
WEEKS 15 12 12


  1. Meals are available at a cost of £4 (subject to demand) per day.
  2. Some school trips are organised to enhance learning and charged separately.
  3. A school camp will be scheduled in July 2018 for those who wish to come along. It will be charged at cost. For more information: http://hebdenbridgeschool.co.uk/the-school-camp/

Fees and extras are subject to annual review.