Democratic Summer Camp FAQs

Staff and students from Hebden Bridge School and Democratic School De Ruimte Soest (

£325 that’s about €365, but you pay the amount in euros that is corresponding with £325 at the day you are paying. Transfer costs are on your account.

All food and accommodation, day trips, resources, shuttle service to Hebden Bridge or Todmorden train station.

Your return trip to England (Hebden Bridge) and back. Travelling costs are not covered.  Travels insurance are not included.

You can either sleep in one of the bedrooms of the house or bring your own tent and pitch it in the orchard. In both cases you have to bring your own mattress and sleeping bed. There are three bedrooms that can take about 22 people. The rest will have to bring a tent.

It means that you are able to organize yourself. That you are able to get up in the morning. That you can take care of your physical needs (food, sleep). That you can be ready on time when the group is going out or meeting. That you can ask for help when you need help. In effect it means that you can take responsibility for your own well being. Beside that you need to have sufficient awareness on what the needs of the group are and be able to act upon that.

No they can not: parents can not stay at the camp. It is students only; except for the elected staff. Adults travelling with students, if necessary, are advised to make the most of this opportunity to visit beautiful England. There are many beautiful places to stay, trails to hike, pubs with great food and interesting people to meet. So we challenge you to create your own perfect week.

Yes there is: alcohol and drugs will not be part of the summer camp. We will enjoy and celebrate without intoxication by either one. This means you can not bring any alcohol or drugs into the summercamp or use it on trips outside the camp grounds.

No, there is no Wifi.

Anil Sarna from Hebden Bridge school will be running the organizational and financial side of the event. Evelien Prins from De Ruimte will be counsellor at the camp guarding the emotional sanity of the group. Reinier Bosch has been a staff member at several domocratic school in the Netherlands for 12 years. He has ample experience with events based on students involvement.

  • The morning meeting at 10 am, in which we decide what is to be done that day or how we organize ourselves, is mandatory.
  • Taking responsibility for the chores needed to run the camp (cooking, cleaning etc) is mandatory.
  • Joining the day trips (outdoor activity and Liverpool) is mandatory.

Every day a group of 4-6 students volunteers is doing the shopping and cooking dinner. They have to take into account the wishes of the group and find creative solutions.

Not really. The nearest shop is in Hebden Bridge. To get there you have to walk to a bus stop (20 min) and then take a bus into town. You can also ask the cooking crew of the day, who will take the car into town, to buy what you need.

Yes, we have made a basic kit list:

  • Flashlight
  • Flips flops (no shoes allowed in the barn)
  • Rain gear
  • Hiking boots
  • Water bottle
  • Daypack
  • Sleeping bag
  • Matrass
  • Tent (if possible)
  • Pillow (if you want)
  • Games
  • Sport clothes + light shoes (that may become wet)
  • Clothes for warm days and cold days

If you still have questions please let us know: