Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy for the  One Day School

Signed by Lead Teacher, Anil Sarna

Chair of Trustees, Wendy Hollway

Step 1: A parent/guardian registers for an open morning or a school visit.

Step 2: A short phone call is held to confirm the the open morning attendance or school visit and discuss any specific issues.

Step 3: A child and parent/guardian attends an open morning or school visit at the school where time is provided for feedback and queries.

Step 4: If the school and the child and parents are satisfied, an interview is arranged between lead teacher, child and parents or guardians. Parents are requested to bring:

  • past school reports
  • evidence of work done, both written and visual
  • evidence of any qualifications
  • evidence of any special needs
  • evidence of any Education Health Care plans

Our staff then evaluate if the school can meet the child’s academic, social and emotional needs. If so, a trial period commences.

Step 5:  On acceptance at the interview, a family interested in their child entering the school can arrange a trial day or two, providing there is a place available in the child’s year-group. Prospective parents and students will be provided with:

    1. The Hebden Bridge School Prospectus: provides a brief summary of the school aims and ethos and outlines how the curriculum is accessed and how the school works
    2. Consent Forms, to be completed and returned before the start of the trial week, for student trips & medicine and for photographs and moving images.
  1. During the week the prospective student has an interview with a staff/student panel (recorded in the interview book).
  2. At the next School Meeting (usually the next day) the child’s application is discussed, with feedback from the interview panel, and the school votes on whether to offer a place based on the following principles:
    1. Does the child show an interest in learning and do we believe they will take advantage of the academic environment at Hebden Bridge School?
    2. Do we believe that they are, or have the potential to become, a positive individual who will respect others (not a bully, but respectful and considerate)?
    3. Do they show some understanding of our ethos and display a willingness to participate in the democratic structure of the school?
    4. Do they want to learn, will they respect others and do they understand (relative to age and experience) the school’s philosophy and the demands it puts on them?

The child is then either offered a place, denied a place, or given more trial time if the school meeting believes that greater exposure to the school will help them appreciate our principles.

(Very few applications are unsuccessful and these usually fail before the child has their week’s trial because staff do not feel that the school can meet the child’s academic, social and emotional needs.)

  1. When a student is offered a place, the parent/guardian will be asked to complete the following the Acceptance Form (including Terms and Conditions).
  1. The offer of a place is conditional on the school being satisfied that the parents will be willing and able to meet the school fees. A returnable deposit of £100 is required.
  2. Shortly after a new student joins the school, an assessment will be made of their current ability in reading and writing.


September 2017 (next review September 2018)